Renting a mini-warehouse is easier for a private person or a legal entity (entrepreneur, organization)?

With great pleasure, goodwill and on equal terms we conclude lease agreements both with large organizations, companies and corporations, and with private clients (individuals). Temporary storage services - rent of a mini warehouse - we provide for any period (from one month) and with equal guarantees and liabilities for all. To order a mini-warehouse for rent, you only need to call the number indicated on our website or place an order, asking for a callback. Our manager will contact you.

What is the notice period for ordering a mini-warehouse before the delivery of goods?

You can deliver and place your goods for storage right on the day of drawing up the lease agreement - immediately after making payment for the first month of the service. Most importantly is to check availability of a relevant space for storing your goods. You can check availability of the rented area using the "calculator" on the MINI-WAREHOUSE web-page or by contacting the manager directly.

What are the SUN PARK mini-warehouse areas like - what are the storage conditions for the goods?

Our mini-warehouses are located in the fundamental buildings in the center of Kyiv, within10 minutes walk from the "Dorogozhychi" metro station. Relevant temperature and humidity mode are maintained in all premises. All warehouses are under 24-hour security, and we bare full responsibility for your goods: only the tenant and his authorized representative have access to the items.

How to prepare goods for delivery to a mini warehouse, do I need to pack them?

Our company does not impose special requirements for the packing things and accepts them for storage in any form. Usually our customers use cardboard boxes - practice shows that this makes transportation much more convenient. We recommend the most valuable things, furniture and equipment to be packed in bubble polyethylene or stretch film. In case of necessity, forwarding agents will help you to cope with the packaging – all you need is to inform them when placing your order for lease.

What is the minimum payment period for renting a mini warehouse in SUN PARK - how much do I need to pay to deliver the goods?

We accept goods after making the payment for 1 month of rent - this is the minimum period of storage in our mini-warehouse. In case of payment for 2 or more months of rent, we are ready to provide our customers a discount. More details on this matter you can get from our manager, as well as when visiting SPEIAL OFFERS  page on our website.

What types of goods cannot be stored in a mini-warehouse?

We do not accept for storage the following types of goods:

  • goods and property prohibited on the territory of Ukraine
  • perishable products  and goods;
  • combustibles and lubricants, explosive and highly flammable substances;
  • volatile fluids, gases and things that emit vapors or strong odors;
  • animals and plants;
  • weapons (its components and ammunition)
How can I calculate the size of the container for rent?

Our experts will advice you on the relevant size of the container. In order to get an advice, you must be prepared to let us know exactly what types of goods you are planning to store. To do the calculation of the approximate size of a room-box or container yourself, simply do the following operations:

  1. Divide the vacated area by 10 (you will get the size of the container you need);
  2. Add to the above figure the area of ​​nondemountable items: please note that seating furniture, appliances and other things not packed in a rigid container should be stored separately - without loading them from the top (for example, for double sofa, add 2 m2, for a three seated sofa - 3 m2 extra);
  3. If you plan visiting your mini-warehouse (container), add a passage area.