"Sun Park" Office and warehouse complex

We specialize in complex services for renting warehouses, offices and modular containers for companies and individuals.

The company owns warehouses with a total area of ​​50,000 m2.

We offer:

  •  rent of warehouse and office premises;
  •  rent of refrigerated warehouses with a temperature mode from 0 °C to + 5 °C;
  •  rent of freezing warehouses with a temperature mode of -18°С;
  •  rent of mini-warehouses and modular containers for companies and individuals;
  •  providing a wide range of warehousing services;
  •  logistic services in the logistic complex "MLP Chaika" category A +;
  •  customs brokerage and logistics consulting services

Our advantages:

  • Excellent transport accessibility. The nearest metro stations are “Dorogozhychy”, “Lukyanovskaya”, “Polytechnic Institute”.
  • Entry checkpoints. Sophisticated and reliable monitoring system for visits and entry / exit, provided by qualified personnel.
  • 24-hour security. The warehouse has strict access control. Each warehouse is equipped with detector with the output to the security panel. Customers have access to their warehouse at any time of the day.
  • Parking for all types of vehicles. Warehouse and office complexes have parking and areas for maneuvering and 24-hour parking of vehicles.
  • Temperature level and communication is guaranteed. The company has its own boiler house and electrical substation, as well as telecommunications infrastructure. Storage equipment is available for rent.


Experience of successful cooperation