Renting a warehouse with an office is a convenient solution that allows you to optimize your business. You will be able to enter into contracts with customers for the supply of your products, and immediately make the shipment.

Renting a warehouse with an office provides the following benefits:

  • convenient sale (customers can see the product before buying it);
  • savings on product delivery to sales areas and points of sale;
  • saving on staff maintenance.

Office and warehouse rental from the owner

Finding a warehouse near the office is not an easy task. You can contact a real estate agency or search for ads yourself, but it is much easier to rent commercial real estate from the owner. In the complex of San Park you will definitely find a room that meets your needs.

We can rent an office and warehouse at competitive prices without overpaying for the services of intermediaries. We have a large selection of warehouse space: from the hangar to the freezers and refrigerators.

The advantages of cooperation include:

  • full compliance of warehouse and office premises with modern standards (commercial real estate offered for rent in our complex is in perfect order);
  • round the clock security;
  • availability of telephone and internet;
  • availability of the necessary storage equipment and equipment for loading unloading;
  • a wide range of additional services related to the storage and delivery of goods;
  • we offer not only warehouses and offices, but also a choice of retail and industrial areas.

If you need an office warehouse, rent in San Park will be the most comfortable and profitable solution.

How can I rent an office and warehouse?

If you are interested in renting an office with a warehouse, contact the customer service department. Our managers will talk about the availability of free space, help you select and rent an office and warehouse, taking into account the characteristics of your product and individual needs. Our representatives will also calculate how much it will cost per office warehouse rental and draw up a formal contract.