SUN PARK - the largest office and warehouse complex with a developed infrastructure
  • Total area: 3075 m2
  • Office area: 500 m2
  • Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky district, Mila village
  • Floor: 1st
  • Ceiling height: 7,2 m
  • Column spacing: 11.5m × 5.7m
  • Floor coating: concrete floor / anti-dust coating
  • Shelving: for up to 2050 pallets
  • Ramp: 3 cross-docks with automatic leveling platform
  • Heating: possibility to connect to the heating system
  • Electricity supply, free electric power, sewerage system, water supply, telephony, Internet
  • Total area: 250 m2
  • Kyiv, 11/2, Simyi  Khokhlovykh str.
  • Floor: Ground
  • Ceiling height: 4 m
  • Gate dimensions: width -1.8 m, height - 2.2 m
  • Floor coating: anti-dust coating
  • Shelving: according to client's request
  • t mode: dry storage
  • Ramp: loading and unloading
  • 24-hour security, parking
  • Total area: 264 m2
  • Kyiv, 11/2, Simyi Khokhlovykh str.
  • let. F
  • Floor: 3rd
  • Ceiling height: 3.55 m
  • Gate dimensions: width - 1,8 m, height - 2,4 m
  • Floor coating: concrete floor / anti-dust coating
  • Shelvings: according to client's request
  • t mode: 0 ° C to +5 ° C
  • Ramp: loading and unloading
  • Industrial refrigeration unit (freon), automated monitoring system, round-the-clock security, parking

What makes the Sun Park warehouse services one of the best in Kyiv?

Confidence. Again, confidence. And again….of course, confidence. You just learned what is important for us in terms of relations with the Customers. Who are us? We are the Sun Park, warehouse complex in the center of Kyiv. In fact, here you can rent not only a warehouse but also and office premises, storage bin, different type business premises, a shed, server rooms, open sided sheds, open yards etc. But why is confidence so important for our Company?


It is pretty simple: it is an integral part of the storage services. As our Clients literally entrust us to store their valuables: goods, cargo, and personal belongings. We are entrusted to keep it safe! Therefore, the main business direction of the warehouse complex is to guarantee safe keeping in all objects in the city Center and Kyiv region. Access control system, video surveillance, 24-hour security, fire safety equipment (for cold storage – temperature and humidity control system), which in n total accordance with the Sun Park principle – “check and confide”!


Renting an office or warehouse premises in our warehouse complex in the center of Kyiv or in Kyiv region, will ensure the following benefits for you:


  • Good location: close to the main traffic arteries and range of metro stations will ensure great accessibility of the rented premises – you and your employees will safe so much time on getting to it.
  • All necessary equipment: we have a rule; if we rent our office premises, it should be renovated, with air conditioning and all communication facilities, as for renting the warehouse premises, they should have all storage equipment – you will appreciate the comfort!
  • Integrated approach: with over 20 years of experience we not only offer storage services in terms of rent of premises, but also processing and packaging of goods, customs clearance and delivery around Ukraine.
  • Low prices: you can rent a warehouse or an office for a reasonable price directly from the owner without paying hidden fees, fair business - as it is also a matter of confidence between the two parties, isn’t it?

However, you don’t have to take our word for it. Instead, come to our warehouse complex, located in the center of Kyiv to see why so many people already trust the Sun Park!



Best conditions for rent of warehouses and offices
Many years of experience
Many years of experience
Convenient location
Convenient location
Guarantees of safety
Guarantees of safety
Best prices on the market
Best prices on the market


Rent of warehouses and offices
  • Warehouses for storage and processing of any goods
  • Long-term storage and rent of part of the warehouse
  • Possibility of free warehouse layout
  • Security of warehouses and parking
  • Great transport interchange, convenient access, developed infrastructure
  • Rent of premises and  modular containers of the area from 1m3 to 20m2
  • Storage of furniture, office equipment, seasonal items and personal belongings
  • Storage of small quantities of goods, archives and promotional items
  • The minimum rental period is 1 month, the maximum is unlimited
  • 24-hour access to the goods
  • Rent of offices in the center of Kiev
  • Security and access control system
  • Parking spaces
  • Telecommunications / Internet
  • Meeting room
  • Office premises with air conditioning


Want to find and rent a warehouse in Kyiv? - We will help you to:

  • rent a warehouse quickly for an optimal price;
  • select a warehouse of any type and find a warehouse for business - a cold store, a freezer, a mini -warehouse or a box room for individual storage of goods - in the right place for any period;
  • receive professional and high-quality maintenance of warehouses;
  • choose a convenient location for you;
  • determine the discounts and special offers for the warehouse rent and maintenance;

The best terms for rent in Sun Park: ready to operate warehouse and flexible customer service; guaranteed safety, secure storage of goods and property; convenient warehouse area and infrastructure.