The national team of professionals in logistics, working efficiently since 1995 at the level of 3PL-operator in the following areas:

Foreign trade activities, customs clearance

  • warehouse logistics, processing and pre-sale preparation of goods
  • Delivery of goods to customers throughout Ukraine

We offer a full range of logistics services.

Our logistics services are provided on the basis of the peculiarities of national logistics in Ukraine.

Our main competencies are an individual integrated approach to logistics services, safe and secure storage, and warehousing, pre-sale preparation of goods, customs clearance, and transportation of goods to consignees throughout Ukraine.

Our advantages

  • Convenient location of our warehouse complexes within the city limits and at a 5 km distance from Kyiv, near the southern and western motorways, through which the main flow of goods are transported from abroad and around Ukraine.
  • Our clients receive logistics services in the modern class "A" logistic centre, using a professional WMS system , and provided by specially trained personnel.
  • Transparency of accounting of commodities and materials and reporting to customers.
  • Our company provides and guarantees the safe storage of your goods through the use of a multi-level control and safety system.
  • The “A” class logistics (warehouse) complex » is equipped with a modern system of video surveillance, temperature and humidity control, fire protection, and a 24-hour security service, both inside and outside the warehouse.
  • Warehouse services  (warehousing, loading and unloading, etc.) are provided to our customers in our class "B" warehouses in Kyiv and 5 km from the city limits along the Zhytomyr highway.
  • The company operates 15 trucks that carry out delivery throughout Kiev and the region at any time of the day.
  • Well-organized and well-established relations with partners ensure quick and efficient distribution of Clients' goods, especially around trade networks, as well as transport services to all parts of Ukraine.
  • Customs clearance experience guarantees efficient and quick accomplishment of the Client’s objectives.
  • Quality logistic services  are confirmed by the DSTU ISO 9001: 2009, HACCP certificate of conformity issued and effective from 2009 to present, with annual updates with the reference to changes in the current legislation and Clients’ requests.
Kyiv region, Chaika vil.
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